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Beautiful Lives by Susan is lifestyle health blog in which I journal about all topics related to Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome, how it has affected my spiritual, mental, and physical self, what it is, and how we learn to heal from traumatic events.

I've lived with increased degrees of PTSS since the age of six until the age of 62 when I was correctly diagnosed. At last, I found my answers.

After a life-long search to make sense of what happened to me, Iā€™m naturally compelled to provide an online home for people like me to search for their own answers.

It is my honor to serve you with quotes, books, videos, articles, and news. Together we light the way to manifest our beautiful lives.šŸ”„

Susan Daniels
Susans Story

Mother Earth does not need humans to survive

We, in the United States, are not the only country wherein individuals and religious groups condone disparagement of other religions ...
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The beneficial uses of Sage as a non-pharmaceutical supplement for memory enhancement and more

Sage has been used for thousands of years as a medium for spiritual cleansing of an area or place. It ...
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Rosemary as an herbal antidote to stress, anxiety and depression.

Join me on my latest discovery on my journey through PTSS with the use of Rosemary as an herbal antidote ...
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The fantastic benefits of Peppermint essential oils for treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression

I successfully use Peppermint essential oils to relieve anxiety on a regular basis. Its application soothes and uplifts and is ...
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What I do when I get overwhelmed with the past.

There are days when I get very overwhelmed with the past and I never know when I will get struck ...
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My former life as a victim was shaped by my perpetrators

As a generational trauma victim, I can attest many times over how I, as a victim, was shaped by the ...
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