10 ways to spot social pirates – Don’t let them bring trauma into your life.

Who needs more trauma in their life? We sometimes don’t realize just how nice our lives are here in the United States compared to 3rd world countries around the world. In simple words, they want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it.

When I speak about Social Pirates, I refer to men who create fake profiles on Facebook with stolen pictures and then befriend women with the goal of eliciting money from them.

They are usually from 3rd world countries, very poor and under a more powerful person’s  thumb to continually produce more results. While my heart goes out to them, we, on the receiving end of this deception need to be aware and that is the intent of this post.

I am exactly the type of woman they target — middle-aged, single mother and grandmother. These social pirates read from the same play book so when you become aware of their game, it’s easy to spot them.

Also note that this is from a female perspective. While I am aware that there are women who are in the game as well, I don’t address that piece of the game in this note. Regardless, I welcome your comments on either male or female social pirates.

Social Pirates. How did you find me?
If you have to ask..

These social pirates will befriend you, pull you into a well calculated emotional blackmail snare and in a small amount of time, they will demand money under fake, dire circumstances.

They want it wired immediately. This is because they don’t have a financial system. They only have access to ‘wired’ money in their villages.

But before that happens, here is what to review when accepting friend requests from unknown men on Facebook.

Tips on How to a Social Media Pirate on Facebook.

  1. They use two or three first names. People in some other cultures do not understand our naming protocol so they will use just about any name combination – even if it’s two or three first names.
  2. You don’t have shared friends. This is a red flag for accepting any friendship on Facebook. However, if they’ve already befriended a few of your existing friends, check their ratio of female/male friends. If it’s 99% female, that’s a clue.
  3. They are active or retired military. American women love a man in uniform. And Americans love their military. The pirate sees this as a weakness and plays on it.
  4. They are widowed with one or two children. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for a single man with a child? We love to rescue children in need. Again, pirates see this as a weakness and they play on it.
  5. They work in the oil industry. This gives the illusion of middle-class income and stability. Just keep in mind that ‘stability through a man with a stable income’ is a bubble that blew up in the 1950’s. It doesn’t exist. Let it go.
  6. They are from Europe but live in the United States. They believe this is a strong attraction for American women. If it is an attraction for you, don’t fall into this trap. Here’s an example: They claim to be educated at Cambridge (England) and hold the position of Colonel in the American Military. See Item 8. below.
  7. They message you instantly and incessantly. If you accept their friendship, they immediately begin incessantly messaging you with ‘hi’, ‘hi’, hi’, ‘hello dear’, etc. Americans are not that friendly when they first meet each other. We have some pretty stiff bubbles around us and we usually have something to say other than ‘hi’. Honor your bubble. Trust your instincts.
  8. They use poor English grammar and spelling. Especially for someone who pretends to be educated at Cambridge in England and is a Colonel in the American Military living in an American city that is no where near a military base. Ahem…get the point?
  9. They post very few photos on their profile. That’s because they use other people’s pictures in the first place so they won’t have any current pictures of themselves or their fake children. Nor will they be able to provide new pictures of their work place or friends. Only the ones they originally posted.
  10. They don’t share other people’s posts on their profile. After you accept their friendship request, they go straight to messaging. They have no interest in the usual social venue activity. Their only purpose is to recruit for the purpose of obtaining money from the women.

Conclusion: If you have other tips to add, please do so in the comments. But aside from that, know that once you are able to recognize this annoying behavior on social media it will begin to be second nature to weed them out.

Remember that these people are not sophisticated. But they are determined and incessant in their pursuit. That’s a formula for success on their part so you need to be aware!

I choose not to set my privacy settings that would eliminate at least some of these poor, unfortunate souls because in my mind that would give them power over how I live my social media life. I’m not willing to do that. I’m going to leave my privacy settings right where they are.

So if it occasionally gets to you, stresses you out and makes you want to quit social media altogether — write a note to all your friends like I’ve done and have a discussion about it. That helps me relieve the stress from this constant onslaught of social pirates.

See? I’ve given you tips that will help you and you’ve helped me by reading this. This is what social media is all about.

Together we light the way.

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