Gardening relieves stress peacefully.

Gardening is one of my favorite activities that relieves stress for me. When I left home after high school, I left my love of gardening behind. I did not realize what an integral part of my being it was. Without realizing it, I left an important part of my life behind. So glad I’ve re-discovered it.

“For many people gardening relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Actually, it is not “gardening” that’s relaxing, but the way that we approach it. If gardening is seen as a chore, it’s stressful. If we view it as enjoyable, it can help relieve stress.”

Read: Sherry Rindels, Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University

It is interesting to find that some people pair the repeated movements of gardening with a mantra, chant or prayer.

“Either strategy can activate the parasympathetic nervous system—the body system that counteracts the physiological changes brought on by stress.”

Read: Psychology Today – Nine Ways to Relieve Stress by Gardening

The most obvious benefit of gardening is the sun. It is a natural mood elevator, loaded with the original Vitamin D. Lack of sun light might cause Seasonal Affective Disorder in people causing both depression and anxiety so get out there in the sun and relieve your stress, feel better and be relaxed.

The next elemental gift is the fresh air we breathe in our gardens. Fresh oxygen is essential to the human body. Never take this for granted.

“Fresh air is full of oxygen and it provides health to the cells in our bodies. Fresh air can help us feel more energized and even help us sleep better at night. Being outside in the fresh air promotes a sense of well-being and good mental focus.”


When we listen to the sounds of nature, our bodies begin to relax naturally. Let’s close our eyes and listen to the birds, crickets, wind, and the distant sounds of dogs barking or cows mooing.

When we become fully absorbed in what is going on around us, we begin to practice mindfulness which is a proven stress reducing technique.

If you identify with my experience(s), if you have a comment or questions – whatever – let me know. I want to hear from you. I care because together we light the way. 🔥

Together we light the way.

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